About the Founder – Dr. Fred Emoievbe
MD/CEO of Oversea Study Concept


Dr Fred has over 25 years of experience in Education Consultancy, Trainlng and Development.

Dr Fred has worked with several heads of government worldwide and has a fierce passion and focus on the African region. As a young entrepreneur, he held several leading roles in consultancy. Dr Fred was Cargill’s (the global food system conglomerate) first African Regional Director. At a time when Cargill was just making an entry into the African market, he brought them to a notable presence: not only in Nigeria, but throughout Africa and on a global platform.

With the prevalence of substance misuse and related deaths in Nigeria in the early 90s, Fred became a notable supporter of the United Nations International Drugs Control Program (UNDCP) and established the first Hazeldell model Rehabilitation Centre in Africa. This centre was fully funded by the International Committee and helped to put several UNDCP policies and programs in place in Nigeria. Dr Fred was the first to introduce and implement vocational rehabilitation as a tool in recovery from substance misuse in Africa.

In recognition for quality education and sustainable training and development in sub-Saharan Africa, Fred went into partnership with a UK firm and established the British Education Training and Technology Association (BETTA). Under Dr Fred’s leadership in Nigeria, BETTA soon opened 25 offices in the major cities of Nigeria, as well as offices in Accra and Kumasi in Ghana, in Tanzania, Doula in Cameroon, Nairobi in Kenya and Banith (Jn but a few. Operating from his office in Nigeria, BETTA represents over 140 British institutions and 158 American and European

Dr Fred continued to play a leading role in world class innovations into Africa. At the peak of the 2008 recession, he instigated a workshop organised by the Nigeria Education Research & Development Council (NERDC) at the International Conference Centre, which educated Heads of Government and other stakeholders about the relevance of vocational training and skills acquisition as a driving force in economy recovery. Following this workshop, many heads of government have since utilised Fred’s consultancy and advice, resulting in the emergence of many vocational training centres in Nigeria.

Throughout his career, Dr Fred has been a catalyst for change across Africa. Most recently.

Fred was the first to introduce the EU GDPR laws, which came into effect 25 May 2018, to Heads of Government in Africa. He held meetings on this subject with the Nigerian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Honorable Geoffrey Onyeama, in February 2018, and later with Honorable Frank Tumwebaze, Honorable Minister for ICT, in Uganda In May 2018.

Fred subsequently visited several other African countries, educating governments on the GDPR and the importance of ensuring compliance with this globally leading privacy and data protection law in order to participate on a global scale.

The Republic of Uganda has made history by becoming the first African Country to pass their Data Privacy Bill into Data Privacy Law  on 6th December, 2018, post GDPR 2018.

Giving credit where it is due, the Uganda’s progressive step is largely thanks to Dr Fred, Professor Mondo Kagonyera, Hon Minister Frank K. Tumwebaze (Honourable Minister of ICT) and Mr Bagure Vincent Walswa (Permanent Secretary Minister of ICT and National Guidance.)