All Sectors need ongoing GDPR Compliance

A GDPR solution can to be adapted for various sectors to easily support management of data processes in different life situations.

Typical Sectors would include:

Banking & Insurance, Energy. Public Sector, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Education, Small Business, Media, Hospitals, Legal Firms etc.

Businesses need to ensure GDPR regulations are being enforced to protect the privacy of the public and an individual’s legal rights, and to avoid the substantial penalties.  This is an ongoing task, and we would suggest audits are made regularly, and all staff are trained accordingly.  This is not a one person role.  Staff need to be informed so that they do not inadvertently break the regulations.  Ignorance is no excuse where fines are concerned.

These regulations can be seen as an opportunity to make IT activities more effective.  It forces organisations to evaluate what data they keep, and whether it is needed, or safe.

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