Oversea Study Concept have partnered with d8amatiks Ltd. to provide extensive training and consulting services to enterprises and governments on global data protection and privacy compliance.  As part of the service we provide a Customised Data Protection and Privacy Solution Toolkit. Our GDPR content is watertight and will stand the test of time in all areas. It meets the needs of Government and Private sectors.

The Solution Toolkit offered simplifies the evolving and complex area of data privacy and empowers any business to have control over their data privacy compliance in a simplified, effective, and affordable way. We offer this customisation Toolkit to Enterprises and Governments.

Our services include:

  • Developing and, implementing a robust and manageable data protection framework.
  • Developing and implementing a data protection legislative framework that is adequate with the GDPR, compliant with the Council of Europe’s 108+ Convention, the OECD data protection framework, or any other data protection legislative framework in the world.
  • Conducting industry leading training on data protection compliance.
  • Providing ongoing support and advisory services in respect of data breaches.
  • Providing enterprise or government wide cybersecurity assessments, implementation, and maintenance
  • We can also offer cybersecurity and information security assessments, remediations, and training based on various standards.


The Core Team

The core team from OSConceptltd.com consists of Dr. Fred O. Emojevbe and Prof. G. Mondo Kagonyera, who both have extensive experience in working with heads of government across the globe.