GDPR for Small Businesses – An Example

GDPR for Recruitment Businesses

GDPR need not be scary. These are the key things to consider – and there are only 6 areas.

Be Honest – Register that you are holding data, and state why.

Lock it Up – Provide adequate Security. Only provide access to those who need to see it. Protect with passwords and other security methods. Use software to protech agains viruses and hackers.

No Hoarding – If you do not need the information, delete it.

Ask Nicely – The subject of your data, must know you have this data, and give permission for you to have it.

Own Up – If your system was hacked, tell the subjects of the data.

Be Accountable – Take regular stock of the data you hold. Do you need it? Why? Is it safe? What would happen if the data got into the wrong hands?

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