Who Needs GDPR?

Who needs to Ensure Continued Compliance with GDPR

A ROAD MAP for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) came into force May 25 2018. This is a series of laws led by the European Union. Every company that plans to do any business with, or communicates with organisations in Europe are also meant to comply.

Oversea Study Concept can work with you on what needs to be done. These areas are govemance, people and communication. processes, and data security.

All of the following need to ensure they are GDPR compliant. Banks, Insurance Companies, Oil Companies, Manufacturers, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Immigration & Customs Departments, Mobile Telecoms and Communication companies, Hospitals, Legal Firms, Small Businesses and more.

Different departments within one company need different GDPR compliance documents and procedures. Stakeholders may include representatives of HR department, Customers Service Department, ICT department, Marketing department and Delivery centres.

Telecommunication network providers such as MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, also have endless personal data.

There is therefore a need to create awareness and ongoing training to keep organisations ahead of the game. Who has access to your data? Are your systems protected from hacking? Are your systems safe from viruses. In a least case, the data can be downloaded and used to embarrass data subjects or use for bribery. In a worst case scenario lack of protection for sensitive data, could cause a shut down, if the data was missing, stolen, hacked or affected by a malicious virus.

Therefore you need to have a Data Productection Officer (DPO).

The Data Protection Officer Functions independently and does not even need to answer to the Director/CEO of the Organisation. Their priority is the fulfilment of the GDPR Laws.

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